Our Mission

JINN’s mission is to enhance the nutrition environment in Jamaica especially targeting students, student athletes and youth in schools/institutions and offering general population nutrition services through collaboration with teachers, nutrition advocates and strategic partners and coordination of their efforts.

We are particularly concerned about the accuracy and currency of nutrition information that reaches the public and especially that which impact the nutrition of our students, athletes and youth both inside and outside the classroom. Much misinformation and misconceptions surrounding key nutrition concepts are imparted at all levels.

JINN Services

  • Education and Training
  • Community capacity building and involvement
  • Infrastructural Systems and processes for sustainability
  • Linking nutrition and school feeding with agriculture

JINN Objectives

  1. To mount training and education programmes leading to certification and credentialling
  2. To offer nutrition promotion activities through an extensive network of trained persons
  3. To provide guidance on standards, monitoring and evaluation through sustainable policies, structures and systems for institutions notably schools.
  4. To produce and distribute resource materials for use with nutrition programmes
  5. To collaborate with relevant agencies to accurately inform on the nutritional value of locally produced food and to mobilize accessibility to appropriate diets through the schools.