Q. I would like an easy way to lose weight without have to stop eating meat.  I eat all types of meat but I especially love chicken, right now I want to lose a little weight but want to eat my three meals each day same way. Thanks. Answer: Have you ever heard the saying "No pain, No Gain".  There are several easy ways to lose weight.  All you have to do is get rid of excess water by sweating whether in the sun, at the sauna, using a diuretic or other unhealthy way.  I presume however that you wish to lose fat weight.  Again, there are a number of ways, commonly called dieting. Some people 'diet' by cutting out high calorie foods especially if these are considered 'problem foods' like pastry, chocolates, ice-cream and so on. You can easily do without these since a lack of them in your diet will not affect your nutritional status.  If you have any such problem foods, you might consider avoiding these.  For example, if you drink a lot of sweetened drinks up to say 2 pints of sweetened juice daily, you could easily lose one pound of fat weekly by drinking water instead. The problem arises when you cut out foods that contribute important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, protein and/or carbohydrate.  If meat is your main source of protein, we do not recommend that you cut this out altogether unless you eat alternatives such as fish or peas and beans. The best approach for you is probably 'portion control' i.e. you eat the same foods but a smaller amount of everything.  If you usually eat two pieces of chicken, then try eating just one piece at a time or try eating a different part such as the breast instead of the leg and thigh.  You could also change how you prepare the chicken by baking or roasting or grilling instead of frying and stewing.   If you have difficulty with appetite control when you try portion control, a nutritionist or dietitian could help you with planning balanced meals to counteract food cravings. Please let us know of your success with these tips.

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