John looked back on his school days.   Who would have thought he would amount to anything?   Many days he went to school hungry and could only concentrate on the rumble in his belly.  Thank God when break time came.  Miss would always look out for him and give him something even if it were just bulla cake.   At least now he could hear what was being taught. Continue reading

Nutrition challenges & COVID-19: Boost your immune system

Corona virus is among a new breed of modern viruses for which medical science does not as yet have any specific treatment/medications. This is similar to the period 1940s to 1960s when we were plagued with polio, whooping cough, measles, chicken pox and similar epidemics, now under control with vaccinations. Many who lack immune competence will succumb and die and the vulnerable groups are usually the very old and very young.  In young children Continue reading