Debunking Nutrition Myths – Specialist Says Jamaicans Misinformed On Food

Nutrition specialist Patricia Thompson is calling for new approaches to raise public awareness and properly inform the debate on nutritional challenges in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. She argues that there is a serious risk of misinformation being accepted as scientific fact, especially in light of the recent thrust to educate the public in general about the benefits of fresh, wholesome agricultural produce, over processed foods. Continue reading

Is obesity caused by workplace eating or fast foods?

The rising incidence of obesity and related chronic diseases in all sectors of society is now of concern to everyone. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Health declared that closer attention would be paid to the offerings at restaurants, especially fast-food. The perception is that because of the proliferation of fast food outlets in the island, this is to blame for the poor eating habits of our people and the obesity problem. Are fast foods, however, the sole culprits? Continue reading

Cholesterol and Healthy Eating

Q. During my last check-up, the Doctor told me that my cholesterol is high.  He also said that my "bad" cholesterol was high and the good cholesterol was low.  I am not a fan of exercise, but he has also said I should start this as it would help my cholesterol levels.  Surely there must be a nutritional way to tackle this problem.  What herbs could I take to ensure that I get my levels under control? Continue reading