Hunger and Food Security

Hunger is shown on the television as being starvation in far away countries. This is a long term prolonged lack of food generally. But hunger is felt daily and can be more short term, with insufficient food to meet and satisfy nutrient needs and can lead to malnutrition. 

Malnutrition is poor nutritional status that can manifest in different forms.  At one extreme it presents as under-nutrition and at the other end as obesity. Food intake and health status are the immediate causes of malnutrition as seen from the Figure above. Continue reading


John looked back on his school days.   Who would have thought he would amount to anything?   Many days he went to school hungry and could only concentrate on the rumble in his belly.  Thank God when break time came.  Miss would always look out for him and give him something even if it were just bulla cake.   At least now he could hear what was being taught. Continue reading

Careful With Those Food Labels

Did you purchase your brand of bread because the package said “Cholesterol Free” or low sugar?  What about the brand of macaroni or ketchup you selected?  There is no advantage in doing this since these items are not sources of cholesterol anyway. These are all plant based products and only products containing foods from animals will have cholesterol. In fact, such a claim ought only to be made if cholesterol had been removed from the product. Likewise, low or reduced sugar bread may be higher in calories than regular bread. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Food Colours

In the past, any discussion on food colour attracted negative reactions because this is generally considered to be artificially added to foods or produced by some undesirable chemical reaction during cooking.  Natural food colours associated with fruits and vegetables however have been found to be beneficial to health.  These foods have a range of colours that are due to the pigments and are grouped as phytochemicals meaning chemicals of plants that may have no chemical relationship to the nutrients. Continue reading

About Snacks

Question: I give my daughters snacks to carry to school, usually one pack of banana chips or plantain chips and that is the only snack they get for the day. Is this bad?

Response: The purpose of snacks is to make good any nutritional deficit not obtained from the meals. There is also the question of the timing of snacks relative to meals. Children eat snacks since they USUALLY have small appetites Continue reading