The study of nutrition is universal and important to everyone. While nutrition professionals are specifically trained in the practice of nutrition science, their interventions are extended by other professionals who interface more closely with the general population. These ‘affiliated professionals’ should have a sound foundation in nutrition concepts and principles to avoid misinterpretations and conflicting information. Training is offered at four (4) levels with certification at each level and participants can further undertake a practice component, for credentialing with suitable titles at each level. Level 2 is available for online study, and is a pre-requisite for the special interest areas at Level 3 but are introduced at Level 2 covering an additional 6 hours making a total of 12 weeks and 36 hours.  

Course Outlines

Level 2- Foundation Functional Nutrition – Level 2 - 30 hours (10 weeks)
For persons who influence the eating of others whether in homes, schools, at workplaces or elsewhere, and who wish to develop positive eating habits through wholistic approach to diet planning, healthy lifestyle and exercise management (coaches and physical education specialists). UNIT 1     :     Scope of Functional Nutrition UNIT 2    :    Healthy Eating from cultural and modern lifestyles contexts UNIT 3    :    Controversies surrounding food and healthy eating UNIT 4    :    Controversies surrounding food selection and preparation UNIT 5    :    The whole day approach to diet planning UNIT 6    :    Applying measurement to nutrition intake and food usage UNIT 7    :    Evaluating menus and recipes UNIT 8    :    Chemicals in food - as nourishment and medicinal supplements UNIT 9    :    Efficacy in applying Nutrition Tools UNIT 10    :    Integrating nutrition  into planning special interest areas (SIAs) LEVEL 2 – SPECIAL INTEREST AREAS (SIAs) ELECTIVES – ONE SIA per course (6 hours each)


1-  Fitness and Sports nutrition Planning - 6 hours (2 weeks) UNIT 11          :           The role of nutrition in fitness and sports success UNIT 12          :           Meeting the dietary needs of athletes  2 - Wellness and Lifestyle Nutrition Planning - 6 hours (2 weeks) UNIT 11          :           Making lifestyle changes and Principles in health promotion UNIT 12          :           Lifestyle nutrition planning – role of different professionals 3 - Wellness Foods and Nutrition Planning - 6 hours (2 weeks) UNIT 11          :           Ensuring wellness foods in food production UNIT 12          :           Nutrition standards and quality assurance


Level 3 requires the successful completion of Level 2 curriculum and qualification at CSEC with English Language based on requirement for tertiary training or higher level of certification. COURSE TITLES
    1. Sports Nutrition Practice - 36 hours (12 weeks)
    2. Lifestyle Nutrition Transformation- 36 hours (12 weeks)
    3. Institutional Nutrition Productivity - 36 hours (12 weeks)