Diet Analysis

Avoid Chronic Dieting

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Do you try new weight loss diets?

Do you feel obsessed with 'losing weight'?

Do you look forward to social occasions because of food?

Do you associate weight gain with overeating?

Do you miss meals in an effort to lose weight?

Do you know that rapid weight loss lowers metabolic rate?

Do you know that appetite is different from hunger?

Do you think that being fat is merely a matter of genes?

Do you view physical exercise as a chore?

Do you eat when upset or bored?

Do you think persons weigh too much because of water retention?

Do you eat much less food the day after excessively?

Do you think crackers are more fattening than mangoes?

Do you think eating meat and salad is less fattening than a high carbohydrate meal?

Do you weigh more than once per week?

Do you compare your weight recorded on different scales?

Do you prefer to share out your own food at a buffet?

Do you dislike eating from other people?

Do you feel tempted when you see other people eating?

Do you set aside a day each week to not cook but eat out?

If You Scored:

Above 81 - you can control your eating || 60-80 - you are at risk || under 60 - you definitely need help