Nutrition Awareness Score

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Do you eat breakfast regularly?

Do you skip meals?

Do you drink water consistently

Do you add salt to your food?

Do you eat 'oily' foods?

Do you eat high sugar foods?

Do you eat highly processed snack foods?

Do you drink carbonated beverages?

Do you choose whole grain cereal or bread?

Do you avoid unfamiliar foods?

Do you Binge/overeat?

Do you Eat starchy vegetables/provisions?

Do you Eat fresh fruits and vegetables raw?

Do you Eat food from all six food groups?

Do you participate in regular exercise or sport?

Do you Get adequate sleep?

Do you need to take supplements?

Do you Eat at regular times?

Do you Eat when upset or bored?

Do you Feel full of strength and vitality?

If You Score:

Above 80 - You’re a winner || 70-80 - You’re in the running || Below 70 - try harder