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Dieting and Eating Behaviours
Q. I would like to give my children healthier snacks.  Now they tend to get things like potato chips, banana chips, the round buns, the trail mix with dried fruit and nuts.  I also try to insist on a fruit.  But I read that snacking can cause them to put on weight.  Am I giving...
The rising incidence of obesity and related chronic diseases in all sectors of society is now of concern to everyone. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Health declared that closer attention would be paid to the offerings at restaurants, especially fast-food. The perception is that because of the proliferation of fast food outlets in the...
CASE study: Maria presented with obesity at six years old being 21 pounds over ideal weight for age. Yet she seemed to be eating ‘healthy food’. Her mother ensured a ‘balanced’ breakfast before school, she carried cooked lunch from home to avoid the fried chicken at school, and returned home to a proper dinner at...
Question: I give my daughters snacks to carry to school, usually one pack of banana chips or plantain chips and that is the only snack they get for the day. Is this bad? Response: The purpose of snacks is to make good any nutritional deficit not obtained from the meals. There is also the question of the timing of...
The important role that nutrition plays in how people behave and in the causation of mental disorders and disruptive actions is often overlooked. There are many ways that research has demonstrated the links between nutritional status and violence, irrational behavior of children and adults, learning disorders and mental diseases. The formation and proper functioning of neurotransmitters in the brain...
In the past, any discussion on food colour attracted negative reactions because this is generally considered to be artificially added to foods or produced by some undesirable chemical reaction during cooking.  Natural food colours associated with fruits and vegetables however have been found to be beneficial to health.  These foods have a range of colours...
As the circle of life unfolds, you may be at the stage where building your own family is uppermost in your plans.  If you have already started on this road, you may be experiencing the many changes involved with pregnancy.  Hopefully, you are one of those who blossom with pregnancy and seem to breeze through...
Corona virus is among a new breed of modern viruses for which medical science does not as yet have any specific treatment/medications. This is similar to the period 1940s to 1960s when we were plagued with polio, whooping cough, measles, chicken pox and similar epidemics, now under control with vaccinations. Many who lack immune competence...
The threat of a second wave of COVID-19 has the nursing association worried about the shortage of hospital beds and the impending increased workload for their members. While the country is doing a great job of disseminating messages to the population regarding hygiene practices, many Jamaicans are still not compliant… Continue reading
John looked back on his school days.   Who would have thought he would amount to anything?   Many days he went to school hungry and could only concentrate on the rumble in his belly.  Thank God when break time came.  Miss would always look out for him and give him something even if it were just...
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